About SSR Innovation lab

  • It is an Intellectual Property based innovation company. Registered in India.
  • Our products are
    • FUEL abc app (Design Registered, Copyright)
    • Kmpl Guru (Design Registered)
    • Challan Free app (Patent Granted)
    • GPS based Auto Dipper (Patent Granted)
    • Re-Ignition Controller (Patent Granted)
    • Auto Dipper (Patent Granted)
    • Medi-Pot (Patent Granted)

Our Team

  • Lalit Mohan, Director
    • Ex – IITian with 24 years of research experience.
    • Have 4 Granted Patents, 1 Copyright, 2 Registered Designs and 6 patents pending.
    • Inventor of NTHS for automobile, used by 2 world OEMs i.e. Mercedes and Caterpillar.
  • Rahul Jindal, Manager
    • Tech person with expertise in Software Development, App development coordination and commercialization.
    • Commercialized 1 copyrighted software app, 2 Registered Designs
  • Rohan Garg, Assistant Manager
    • Techie with knack for product development.

SSR Innovation lab’s MAIN OBJECTIVES:-

  1. To work on new ideas and transform them into products and services.
  2. To promote intellectual property work E.g. patents, designs, trademark, copyright etc.
  3. To acquire intellectual property rights of workable ideas and inventions.
  4. To sell workable ideas and inventions.
  5. To develop and market innovative products and services.
  6. To manufacture innovative products at pilot project level and commercial scale.