What is MediPot?


Health of a human body is determined by measuring vital parameters e.g. Body weight, pulse rate, blood pressure, body temperature etc. Measuring these parameters and comparing it with standard parameters of normal human being is a time consuming and expensive process. Delay in taking preventive measures may aggravate the illness and may lead to death as well.


Medipot is an innovative device which is in the shape of an ordinary toilet commode ring. It gets fitted in place of ordinary commode ring. Whenever the user uses toilet commode seat and sit on this Medipot, it measures his vital parameters without requiring user to spend excess time and energy.

How to use Medipot?


Replace your original commode ring with Medipot. Now, whenever you will use your commode and sit on it, it will measure your vital parameters without requiring you to spend excess time and energy
Advantages to Individual


Daily diagnostics of the following vital parameters-

         I.           Body weight

        II.          Pulse rate

       III.          Blood pressure

       IV.          Body temperature

        V.          Blood sugar etc.

Without spending any extra time and energy.

IP/copyrights of O-Ring Patent Granted
Business Potential Existing Market Potential – Rs. 22,000 Crore
Where to Buy? Launching in 2020