Re-Ignition Controller

RE-IGNITION Controller


  1. Over the time Internal Combustion engines have developed a lot in terms of technology, fuel efficiency and sound. In older vehicles drivers used to change gears according to the sound of the engine. With advancement, engines are smooth and less noisy than before, but with this advancement a new problems is raised i.e. to determine if the engine is running or not. To find out, some drivers would open there windows and some would attempt start the engine again to listen the “guurrr…guurrr” sound.

Damage caused:-

  1. When the IC engine consists of mechanical parts which are rotating during operation. When a driver attempts re-ignition, some mechanical parts are forcefully coupled together which produces that strange noise. During this attempt three vital components are damaged, Engine flywheel, Gearbox and Starter Motor due to forceful coupling of mechanical gears.


  1. Electrical circuit that prevents re-ignition in vehicles


  1. Prevents Re-ignition
  2. Prevents children from starting the vehicle
  3. Prevents damage to Engine (repair cost ranges from Rs 10,000 – 1.5 Lakh)
  4. Prevents damage to Gearbox (repair cost ranges from Rs 15,000 – 1 Lakh)
  5. Prevents damage to Starter Motor (repair cost ranges from Rs 7,000 – 50,000)
  6. Prevents Push-Start of vehicle, also not recommended by the vehicle manufacturer
IP rights Patent Granted India (Patent No. 301339)
Launch Date This product will be launched in 2020